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COR is a family run neighbourhood restaurant in South Bristol, UK.

We passionately believe in giving back to our community.

COR works with many Bristol & National charity businesses growing relationships to promote the hospitality industry, support those in need and use food as a means to empower people.

If you would like to work with us on a project like our partnered charities below please get into contact.

Community: Welcome
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Bristol, UK

The MAZI Project is a youth-led CIC empowering disadvantaged 16-25 year olds through food.

They support care leavers, young asylum seekers and youth recovering from homelessness and fleeing domestic violence.

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Bristol, UK

Caring in Bristol are striving to create a society where everyone has a home, has hope and is part of their community. They don’t believe that homelessness is a simple issue with a simple solution. That’s why they work across a number of projects helping people move away from the streets and preventing people becoming homeless in the first place.

Community: Our Team
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